Why Colin?

When I’d recovered from the shock of being told that I had a tumour – and a big one at that – my kids decided we needed a name for it. Somehow giving it a name made it seem less scary and less medical. After all, they told me, a tumour is just a bit of you that’s growing out of control, it isn’t an alien.

We had a fun afternoon thinking of weird and wonderful names until I said: no, this is all too exciting. This cancer is boring and annoying. We need a boring and annoying name for it.

Quick as a flash my son said, ‘we need to call it Colin’. I had colon cancer, so Colin fitted the bill perfectly. He’d been there for ten years, dragging me down. Irritating, boring, annoying, and squatting in my colon. I needed rid of him. I needed to dump Colin and get on with my life afterwards. Now I knew what my mission was: to build a Life After Colin.

Did you name your tumour? Was this a helpful step for you to cope? If you did name it, what did you call it and why? 


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