You survived – now what?

If you’re reading this then you, or someone dear to you, found out they have cancer. Discovering this is beyond shocking. 

Suddenly, all the normal things you enjoyed, looked forward to, or planned for, stop being important. All the niggles, gruntles, and annoyances don’t matter. What matters is that you were told you’re going to die. Your focus instantly becomes how to avoid dying. Your capacity to become practical comes to the fore.

But now you’ve been told you’re not going to die after all. They’ve fixed your poor body up as best they can, and they’re leaving you to get on with healing and the rest of your life.

You’re one of the lucky ones – the ones who survived. One of a growing legion of people, like me, that have been through a gruelling experience and come out the other side. So here you are, battered, bruised, scarred and just grateful to be alive. But what you’re about to discover is that life after cancer isn’t a walk in the park either. You don’t just bounce back, heal and become whole like an elastic ball. The process of healing – physically, mentally and emotionally – can be just as gruelling as the medical process you’ve just been through. For some of you it may even be harder. 

This blog is about how I survived cancer and my experiences post-cancer. I hope that it will answer some of your questions, help you to get through the experiences you face, and maybe even make you laugh and live again.

Cancer is personal. I can’t tell you how to survive, or how to live when you have survived, or how to think or feel. What I can tell you is that everything you’re feeling is entirely normal. There’s no right way to behave or to feel. Like you, I’m on a journey post-cancer. The one thing about that journey that I’m certain of though, is that there will be life after Colin my cancer. This blog is one way I’m choosing to live my life post-Colin. I look forward to hearing how you have.


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